10 Entire Movie Plots That Were A Waste Of Time

A big budget and an A-list cast can't always plaster over gaping plot holes...

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Plot holes and movies go way back. Who was there to hear Citizen Kane's last words? Why didn't Marty McFly's dad freak out when his son began to look exactly like the man his wife was romantically involved with years prior? How did Andy Dufresne get the poster back up from inside the hole?

Most of these burning questions have since been answered, albeit sometimes with more than just a hint of flimsy Hollywood logic.

Some of the biggest plot holes, however, do more than make us snigger with smug satisfaction at the ineptitude of the movie's writers. On occasion, plot holes can be so incredibly large that the rest of the story collapses into them, thus ruining what may have otherwise been a beautiful thing.

Let's not judge any of these entries too harshly, though. The film industry is about telling entertaining stories after all, and these films were all able to deliver on that front.


10. The Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Knight Rises rounded out Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy in a big way, bringing us Anne Hathaway's Catwoman, Tom Hardy's excellent (although difficult to understand) Bane, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "John Blake".

The issue with this one is well documented, but it does beg more than a few questions. Bane manages to lure and trap Gotham's entire police force in the sewers. Granted, the GCPD have probably gotten a little lax given that Batman swoops around cleaning the streets for them, but surely it isn't common procedure to send every single officer into the sewers at once? Hey ho, let's see where the rest of the story takes us, anyway.

Months pass, Batman returns and frees the police. All of them. Men who have spent months trapped in the sewers with presumably nothing to eat or drink (barring human waste). Luckily for Batman, they're healthy and ready to fight Bane's forces for control of the city.

Somehow, it just rings hollow.

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