10 Essential DC Superheroes Not Yet Used In The DCEU

SURELY we can have a good Green Arrow this time?

Justice League Unlimited Hawkgirl
Warner Bros.

The DCEU is going through something of a major restructuring as of 2019. Warner Bros' series, once led by the likes of Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder, is heading in a distinctly different direction, divesting from the darker visuals of the likes of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman while also introducing a brand new slate for 2020 onwards.

The series has endured mixed fortunes since Man of Steel's premiere in 2013, but things finally look as though they're improving. Wonder Woman was great, and so too was Aquaman, while everything that's been shown off from Birds of Prey so far looks the real deal. Even Matt Reeves' Batman, which no one really knows anything about, sounds like a vast improvement over what came before, but there still so many other characters that could take the DCEU by storm if WB expanded their horizons even further.

There are heroes both obscure and otherwise who are yet to head the DCEU, but now's time to focus on those who haven't even been rumoured to appear on film in the future. We already know Green Lantern, Batgirl and Supergirl are coming for definite, but there are other key Justice Leaguers who haven't even made so much as a peep, despite their obvious potential.

Things could finally be coming together for DC on film. Here are the heroes it needs to make that future even better.

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