10 Essential Monster Movies You Need To See Before Godzilla

10. Troll Hunter (2010)

Movie Monster: Trolls Troll Hunter may be one of the most unique films we've ever seen in the monster movie genre. Set in Norway, the film pokes fun at European folklore that accompanies the mythology of trolls - with a particularly clever take on the three billy goats gruff fairy tale. It's darkly funny and light-hearted in places, with the most inventive action sequences you could think of. It also breathes new life into a found-footage genre that has grown disconcerting and stale in recent years. We follow a group of student filmmakers as they uncover an elaborate cover-up to protect the existence of the creatures, and the cantankerous recluse tasked with 'troll-control.' Each encounter results in bigger and bigger trolls, until we meet a gargantuan Jotnar in the finale. Like Godzilla, Troll Hunter is a metaphor for real-life happenings and social values - in this case the gullibility of human nature and the willingness to believe in religion... or trolls.

I love all things imaginative, from the page to the screen, and nurture a soft spot for Donald Sutherland and Daniel Bryan.