10 Established Actors Who Completely Failed At Being Action Stars

All heart, no muscle.

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Who among us didn't try to replicate the things they saw in movies when they were little? If you were into action movies, that included highly-choreographed fist fights, reckless car chases, and repelling off exploding rooftops with a firehose wrapped around your waste. Ya know, typical action hero stuff.

Now, if you were given a chance to actually play out those stunts on the big screen, wouldn't you take it? Hollywood actors are people too, it turns out, and so it's only natural many of them would be drawn to the spectacle of action films and the chance to hurl themselves off a moving train and onto a bad guy's throat.

And surely any expertly-trained thespian could make the easy transition into the "dumbest" of all genres. Right? Well...maybe not so much.

You do have to give Hollywood credit for tossing a bunch of big name actors against the action hero wall to see who sticks, though. After all, could anyone have imagined Bruce Willis transforming into John McClane following his stint on Moonlighting? Or that a 60-year-old Liam Neeson punching wolves in the face would be so engrossing?

But for every Willis and Neeson, there are just as many well-known actors who have tried and failed to make an impact on the brawny genre.

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