10 Even More Best "I'm Dead And I Know It" Movie Moments

8. "You Arrogant Ass! You've Killed Us!" - The Hunt For Red October

Raiders of the Lost Ark
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The Hunt for Red October's thrilling climax sees Soviet sub V. K. Konovalov fire a torpedo at Red October, but the vessel manages to make an extreme evasive manoeuvre which ends up causing the torpedo to fire directly back into V. K. Konovalov itself, blowing it to hell.

In a tremendously satisfying moment, Captain Tupolev (Stellan Skarsgård), the Commanding Officer of Konovalov, gets a few seconds to soak in the fatal magnitude of his failure, as his Executive Officer Yevgeni Bonovia (Christopher Janczar) scolds him, "You arrogant ass! You've killed us!"

And because that's not humiliating (or awesome) enough, director John McTiernan gives us a sharp close-up of Tupolev's sweaty, terror-filled brow just before the vessel is blown to smithereens by its own weapon.

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