10 Everyday Things Horror Movies Have Made Terrifying

Dolls? No, not for me thanks.

New Line Cinema

The objective of a good horror movie is to make the viewer uncomfortable, to make every muscle tense up, ready to jump at the slightest provocation. Some horrors do this by showing otherworldly atrocities. Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, all those creatures have sprung from humanity's horrific imagination to strike fear into any audience.

But sometimes, allowing the audience to remind themselves that the horror is all in their head gives them too much solace. They take security in the fact that zombies and monsters aren't real, at least, not to their knowledge.

When horror is at its most effective though, it finds ways to corrupt even the most innocuous things. Suddenly everyday things that could be brushed off as merely passe can now foster sensations of discomfort, making someone legitimately afraid to even approach an object that used to seem so harmless.

Some of cinema's most storied directors like John Carpenter and Alfred Hitchcock have turned some of their actors into icons of the genre. Getting legendary performances from an actor or actress is one challenge, but being able to turn an inanimate object, a time of day, or an animal, into something people immediately associate with a horror film is something else entirely.

While many actors may have shone in films, the show was stolen by the ten items on this list.

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