10 Exact Moments Actors Stopped Trying

When low-effort becomes no-effort.


Though it's fair to say that actors can only shoulder so much of the responsibility for a bad movie, when they rack up a streak of duds, it becomes increasingly easy to blame them for their own failures.

While there are certainly actors who simply got unlucky or need a better agent, it's clear in many cases that they've simply lost their passion for their craft, and are now keen to phone things in for a fast paycheck wherever possible.

That's certainly the truth with these 10 actors, all of whom have many great successes to their names - even Academy Awards in a few cases - and yet, after a point they just stopped giving a damn about chasing projects worthy of their talents.

Furthermore, it's possible to comb through these actors' filmographies and pinpoint exactly where things went horribly wrong - the precise moment where they threw their hands up in the air and checked quality control at the door.

That's not to say most of these actors aren't beyond a comeback, but just don't get your hopes up...


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