10 Exact Moments Directors Knew They Wouldn't Make Movie Sequels

Jaws REALLY chewed Steven Spielberg up...

Jaws Spielberg
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One of the biggest milestones in any movie director's career is to be credited with making a blockbuster movie. To have their name associated with a box office hit is a confirmation that all the years of hard work have paid off. It will help cement their reputation within Hollywood and it can make it easier to get studio backing for future projects.

An almost inevitable consequence of being associated with a hit movie, though, is the constant talk of a sequel being in the pipework. Studios always want to renew the financial success of the original film and fans will always want more of what they experienced the first time.

As flattering, and financially rewarding, as it is to be considered for filming the follow up to their massive hit, sometimes a director will decide to distance themselves from the project. Whether it be through not wanting to work with a particular studio anymore, or not wanting to experience the same amount of stress from shooting the first film, there are many reasons that directors will turn down the offer.

Sometimes this can work better for all parties involved, other times the resulting sequels, by other directors, are a shambles. Whatever the reason a director refuses to film a sequel you can guarantee that it was not a decision that they took lightly.

10. The Thor Shoot Exhausted Kenneth Branagh

Jaws Spielberg
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Kenneth Branagh had been a fan of the Thor comics since he was a child and he jumped at the chance direct the first Thor film. With his classically trained background it was hoped that he would be able to had a layer of depth to Thor's character and the film in general.

The film was released in 2011 and it was a huge success for Marvel. News soon started circulating of plans for a second Thor film. Once pre-production got under way Branagh was offered the chance to direct the sequel.

But, it seems as though the process of shooting the first film was a very tiring affair for Branagh. Although he enjoyed directing Thor, and was initially enthusiastic about being involved, he decided that it was best that he turned down the offer.

The whole process of completing Thor had been very lengthy, and Branagh felt he did not have the stamina required to tackle the sequel so soon after finishing the first film.

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