10 Exact Moments Films Made You Fall In Love With Them

Iconic moments that will live forever in our hearts.

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Within the industry of film, there is a sub-genre known as ‘the classic’. This particular category can range from any type of movie, whether it’s romance or science fiction. Most likely, they are very rewatchable, thoroughly entertaining, quotable and appealing to a wide range of audiences.

But the one factor these films have all definitely got in common is that they are, namely, classics in the world of entertainment, which have stood the test of time. The ones which we instantly fell in love with on first viewing. The ones which have remained in our hearts, even decades after they were first released in cinema.

We're going to pinpoint the best moments in the utilmate classic movies, based on one signature scene - the power of just a few seconds in a film which were so engrossing, it was enough to make you fall in love with the plot, before it had even finished. Furthermore, they have stuck on your memory and naturally added a layer of warmth and nostalgia to the film.


10. Immigrant Song - School Of Rock

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Despite its simplistic storyline, School of Rock is a rather unrealistic film. No way would Dewey Finn get away with stealing someone else’s identity in order to be an untrained substitute teacher, without suffering major consequences.

On the other hand, nobody is bothered by this detail because School of Rock is a terrific flick that you can easily suspend your disbelief for. It’s got the charismatic Jack Black secretly producing cool rock music with private school students, featuring Joan Cusack as the likably awkward headteacher. The plot plays out every kids dream of skipping off school work so that they can be in a cool band instead.

The film boasts a large cast but is able to pull off a bigger ensemble because of the great variety of personalities conveyed through the school class. And with such an interesting group of characters, it makes you root for the band to win the ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition.

However, the pivotal moment that you knew School of Rock was going to be an awesome film was after the band have been accepted for the competition and Dewey rocks out to Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song with all his students in the van. Whether it’s the tangible joy of the children or Jack Black absolutely going for it, it’s just a brilliant moment which made you fall in love with School of Rock.


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