10 Exact Moments That Made Fans Hate Movie Franchises

That's not how the Force works!

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Whether it's a character being changed beyond recognition, an abrupt shift in tone or a singularly ridiculous or stupid moment, your enjoyment and trust of a movie series can all be thrown out in a matter of seconds - and this lot proved it.

10. ALAN! - Jurassic Park III

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Though not as good as Spielberg's masterful original, 1997's The Lost World is by no means a terrible movie. With the delightful Jeff Goldblum leading the charge and some truly brilliant sequences (like the cliff scene), it still left the Jurassic Park series in good shape.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Jurassic Park III. With annoying, stupid characters, a bare-bones plot and a lack of Spielberg magic, even with a brief 92-minute runtime, it was a slog to get through. The entire movie is a textbook forgettable blockbuster, save for one short moment near the beginning that definitely is memorable - but not for the right reasons.

While flying towards Isla Sorna, Dr. Alan Grant has a nightmare that a velociraptor is sitting across from him on the plane, calling out to him by name. Not only did this turn the franchise's flagship beast into a joke, but it marked the point where the dinos themselves were no longer scary, a problem that still plagues the series with the recent Jurassic World instalments.

The reaction to Jurassic Park III, as a whole, was decidedly negative, and it buried the franchise under a pile of dino crap for the next 14 years. And to this day, "ALAN!" is still shorthand for its poor quality.


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