10 EXACT Moments You Gave Up On These Movie Franchises

The Fast and Furious franchise didn't just jump the shark - it blasted over it and into space.

Somehow Palpatine Returned Rise of Skywalker
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You know the feeling.

A compelling story, some riveting action, or a charming set of characters hook you, and before you know it you're going out of your way to line up on opening night to see the latest instalment of your beloved adventure, superhero, or sci-fi franchise.

But then it happens.

One specific sequel or prequel moment leaves you with absolutely no choice but to kiss goodbye to the series or saga in question. Said reasons for deciding enough is enough can come in many shapes and sizes, of course. A certain scene or ending to a particular feature may leave you questioning the point of returning for another round of super-powered mayhem. Why would you want to taint a movie experience you hold dear? Or perhaps a sequence or occurrence ends up being so dumb or absurd that it results in you feeling as though it's finally time to get off a big-screen ride you once utterly enjoyed. It's not the case for every fan, and some of the following divisive moments will certainly have their fans, but they also have their fierce critics too.

Either way, each of the following movie moments all gave a certain portion of audiences no choice but to bring an end to their time spent supporting everything from cinematic universes to petrol-fuelled epics.

10. The Fridge Is Nuked - Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Somehow Palpatine Returned Rise of Skywalker
Lucasfilm Ltd.

The first three Indiana Jones movies aren't exactly short on frankly ridiculous moments of action.

But it didn't matter whether he was sprinting across trains, hanging onto the back of a speeding van, or attempting to keep from being squished by a giant boulder - these thrilling moments always felt somewhat grounded in reality.

And with the legendary Steven Spielberg returning to direct the long-awaited fourth entry into the series, fans understandably expected more of the glorious same heading into Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Then it happened.

During the closing stages of yet another pulsating opening Indy stretch, the titular archeologist is forced to think on his feet as an atomic bomb test is about to begin. Whereas just about any other soul would've likely been wiped out by the blast, Jones somehow managed to survive... by climbing inside of a fridge.

Love it or hate it, "nuking the fridge" has become the biggest talking point of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in the years since its release. The film has its fans, certainly, but there is a somewhat broad consensus over it being the weakest Indiana Jones film - along with the recently released Dial of Destiny.

Speaking of Dial of Destiny - James Mangold's new Indiana Jones film occasionally recaptured that OG magic, with the sight of Harrison Ford speeding through Morocco on a Tuk-Tuk being a delight, for example. But with the latest flick not exactly smashing it at the box office, it appears there's still a decent amount of folks out there who simply aren't in the mood to buckle up for another whip-cracking adventure post-nuking of the fridge and the subsequent alien quest that was Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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