10 Extremely Uncomfortable Moments In Classic Movies

Sometimes, really awkward things happen in films, but we overlook them because they're "classics".

Ghostbusters Ray Sex Ghost

Movies become classics for good reasons. Some are venerated because they resonate with people perfectly, others because they’re simply exceptional pieces of film-making.

But I'm sorry to say that even your favourite movie of all time is likely to have at least one scene or one aspect that, in 2016, is just downright offensive. You might have forgiven that one aberration because you love it so much, or you may have simply just missed it because you were enjoying the rest of the film. But it’s still there, lurking like a drunken uncle at a wedding.

What on Earth possesses an intelligent character to give handyman jobs to the guy who bullied him and tried to rape his wife, for instance? And how are we supposed to feel about the unresolved sexual tension between two characters who we later find out are brother and sister? Some blemishes just don't wash off so easy.

And it doesn't end there: classics like Grease, Dumbo, Clueless, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and many more classics all have moments that, if you sit back for a second, make you think: “what on earth were they thinking?”

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