10 Extremely Uncomfortable Moments In Classic Movies

9. Ghostbusters - Ray Gets Some Ghostly Sexual Pleasure For No Reason At All

When you think about Ghostbusters, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Is it Mr. Stay Puft destroying half of Manhattan? Or Ray Parker Jr’s banging theme song? Perhaps it’s just that, for all its sci-fi leanings, it’s still one of the best portrayals of what New York is really like (minus the ghosts, of course).

One bit you might not immediately remember though is the scene where Dan Aykroyd gets oral sex off a ghost for no reason in particular. Yeah, that bit’s weird isn’t it?

Apparently, it was supposed to be part of a larger story arc where Aykroyd’s character Ray Stantz was to have a love interest, who just happened to be have been dead for several hundred years. However, they cut most of that out, but inexplicably left in the sex scene, and repackaged it as a dream sequence.

In Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History, Aykroyd says that ghost sex in paranormal research is “a common thing…I have a friend who had three women visit him in a haunted house in Louisiana, and it was one of the greatest nights of his life.”

Well that’s all find and dandy (if questionable in its veracity) but it’s still no reason to put a spectrophilic encounter in a family-oriented movie.

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