10 Facts Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Star Wars

Not even true from a certain point of view.


Everyone knows Star Wars. Sure, there's those who pride themselves in having never watched one of the biggest movie franchises of all time, but everyone still knows it. Lightsabers, space battles, having a bad feeling about many things; it's sewn into the very fabric of popular culture, providing one of the first cases of a movie series that straddled intense geek fandom and mainstream appeal.

It's been over thirty-five years since George Lucas' space fantasy burst onto cinema screens and the galaxy far, far away still feels relevant today. The Force Awakens was the biggest movie of 2015, while the impact of the saga on the general public is tangible; Ewok is never once said in a movie and yet even a passing viewer knows what the teddy bear denizens of Endor are; the internet loathes the Prequels and yet they're as important to Generation Y as the originals were for Gen X.

The Star Wars fandom may be characterised as the "parasitical lowlifes" Ewan McGregor hit out against in a recent interview, but in fact it's far more wide-sweeping than the usual mother's basement dweller. Naturally, with such a big audience with a varying levels of devotion, that gives rise to a few misunderstandings about the series, ten common ones we hope to correct today.

Remember that person who went around telling people it wasn't Dark Vader or Lightsaver? Yeah, this list is pretty much the grown up version of that.

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