10 Failed Space Operas That Bombed With Mainstream Audiences

Star Wars it ain't... What were they thinking?

Before its record-breaking opening weekend, a few pundits considered Marvel€™s Guardians of the Galaxy a gamble for the juggernaut studio. Some deemed the concept too far-out to attract moviegoers outside of Marvel€™s most loyal fans. Others worried the title characters lacked the brand power of A-list Marvel icons like Captain American and Thor. That's all history now. Guardians' extremely positive critical and box office reception silenced anyone who thought a talking raccoon would be box office poison. Some of our readers may wonder why (in retrospect) such a surefire hit had people doubting its box office potential? The answer is simple: the post Star Wars box office is littered with the corpses of oddball space operas that failed to capture a mainstream audience. Adjusted for inflation, Star Wars is still the second highest grossing film of all-time at the North American box office. It goes without saying that in the wake of Star Wars hacks came out of the woodwork to cash in on the space opera trend with terrible results. For your consideration we have compiled a list of 10 notable failures from the space opera genre. These 10 quirky films wanted nothing more than a place in audiences€™ hearts, but found themselves left out in the cold: 10 failed space operas that bombed with main stream audiences.

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