10 Famous Actors Who Are Notoriously Difficult To Work With

10. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis The Prince

Bruce Willis is best renowned for playing beaten down, sardonic and mostly bald characters in an increasingly small number of films nowadays, but you might be shocked to learn that Bruce Willis is more like Bruce Willis' characters than you'd perhaps like to think.

According to Kevin Smith, a director known for his candid approach to saying bad things about other celebrities, Willis was something of a nightmare to work with. To be fair, though, they did collaborate on a movie called Cop Out, which marked a new low for both otherwise talented men.

Yes, Kevin Smith branded Willis as "soul crushing to work with," which might sound a little dramatic, but my God is it a good soundbite, especially when you realise that it's not considered professional for a director to publicly denounce their stars - especially if they're as huge as Bruce Willis.

Anyway, Smith isn't the first person to call Willis out on his attitude whilst making movies: he's earned a reputation for "shadow directing," which is the movie-making equivalent of being a backseat driver. So, yeah, Bruce is old and kind of grumpy.


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