10 Famous Actors Who Are Notoriously Difficult To Work With

8. Sean Young

Sean Young Catsuit

Sean Young isn't the most famous person on this list, and there's a good chance you might not even know who she is. Young is still pretty renowned for her role in Blade Runner as replicant Rachel but that was made in 1982.

There's good reason why Sean's career has never really flourished, though: she's a bit nuts, and boy does she like to exert "creative control" over those movies in which she stars - even if she's been hired as an actor. Bill Murray famously clashed with her on Stripes when she started to question his acting methods. Why, Sean?

Better yet, Sean Young likes to exert control over movies that she isn't even a part of, too, as was the case with Batman Returns: having lost out on a part she wanted, the actress strolled unannounced into Warner Bros. and tried to break up a meeting between Michael Keaton and a studio executive. I mean... what? She's also renowned for "always getting drunk during inappropriate occasions" - you know, at like prestigious award ceremonies and stuff. As a result of her craziness, nobody wants Young around. So they don't even bother with her.


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