10 Famous Actors Who Have Literally Never Been Bad In A Movie

Cinematic unicorns.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker
Warner Bros.

The collaborative nature of filmmaking is both its greatest benefit and toughest hurdle, because if an actor and director aren't in sync, it can result in their combined work turning out how neither intended.

As such, even the best actors typically have a couple of off-brand performances to their name, and that's not to ignore the propensity for A-listers to phone in a performance every now and then for an easy payday.

But there's a small class of actors who can never once be accused of getting complacent, or even giving a misfire of a performance in all of their excited ambition.

These 10 actors are among the most reliable you'll ever find in Hollywood, seemingly incapable of giving a bad performance, even when the material doesn't give them much to work with.

There are many, many actors who have never given a single good performance, yet to deliver thoughtful, honest and effort-filled work every single time requires a gargantuan amount of patience, effort and commitment to the craft of acting...


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