10 Famous Actors Who Were Secretly Behind Classic Movies

Pulp Nowadays it€™s expected for an actor to do more than act. Actor-directors are all the rage, with more and more joining the ranks of the double barrelled job title. And after the big storm made with Ben Affleck€™s Oscar snub, expect it to increasingly become the norm; a rite of passage for all serious actors. More common, but less celebrated are the actor-producers. Most of the time these are thespians taking a bigger interest in the films their starring in, but, as we€™ll see, sometimes they€™re doing it for entirely creative reasons. Some actor-producers are incredibly well known; Tom Cruise produces everything he stars in and it€™s a career choice that€™s helped Adam Sandler be as big a blight on the movie industry as he can be. Here are ten famous films you had no idea were produced by equally as famous actors. Prepare to be shocked as you learn the incredible versatility of some of your favourite stars.

Honourable Mention: Will Smith - This Means War

Smith I know, I know; Will Smith taking an interest in something that doesn€™t have a Smith in is incredibly shocking. Still, this doesn€™t make the official list for two reasons; I€™m officially bored of Will Smith and there€™s no way I can spin producing This Means War as anything other than an atrocity. You can€™t imagine the plan was to have Jaden as one of the leads, so why Smith touched this project at all in bemusing. Although I guess it kinda explains the Men In Black style writing on one version of the poster. Good way to save it Will.

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