10 Famous Actresses Who Regret Stripping Down For Big Roles

Hindsight is 20/20. 20 percent boobs/20 percent butts.


Sex sells. It's one of the oldest and most cliched idioms in the entertainment industry, but with good reason: Viewing audiences love to be titillated, and they gobble up sex like ravenous turkeys. Unfortunately, the performers selling it don't always look back so fondly on the roles that found them disrobed for the whole world to behold.

Nudity shows up in all genres of film, and not always in the most tactful way. In fact, it's a safe bet to assume there are plenty of gratuitous boobs and butts working their way into hack screenwriters' scripts right this very minute.

Even when the filmmaker's intentions are good, the actor or actress who was asked to bare it all on film might look back on the moment they wore nothing but a smile with a big ol' frown.

Maybe they were pushed to get undressed by their agents or the director. Or maybe they wore their birthday suit happily, because they were young and confident, and reflecting on their freer selves through a more mature lens gets their cheeks blushing.

Whatever the reason, some actresses would rather forget they ever unveiled their beautiful bodies on-screen.

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