10 Famous American Actors With Awful British Accents

9. Angelina Jolie - Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2000)

Tomb Raider She may have the look, down to the smouldering glare and kick-ass moves, but she certainly ain't got the voice. Everyone's favourite gun-toting and triangular-breasted video game archaeologist made the leap onto the big screen in 2001 with American Angelina Jolie taking on the role of the famous British heroine. Was Keeley Hawes busy? I genuinely really enjoyed Jolie's portrayal, but the accent €“ whilst very decent €“ wasn't entirely convincing. Even though Lara Croft is a well-spoken lass, Jolie slips now and again on her words, and having her on screen with British star Daniel Craig who himself is playing an American with a slightly dodgy accent is a very odd thing to behold and a bit of a mind f*ck to say the least. What's that all about? Oh, and then Arnold Rimmer is her butler, eh? Why did we never get a scene of her locking him in the freezer? Sigh. We'll next get to hear Jolie's British burr next year in Disney's dark fantasy film Maleficent, in which €“ if the trailer is anything to go by €“ we'll be seeing the god-awful Elle Fanning on a list like this in the near future.

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