10 Famous Characters Who Acted Totally Out Of Character In Sequels

Because apparently, Peter Parker learnt the piano overnight.

We all do things unbefitting of our characters from time to time. Why, just the other day I listened to Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas' in its entirety without even attempting to gouge out my eardrums ('Tis the season, and all). Human beings are a complex muddle of emotions, experiences and myriad instances where we find ourselves far removed from our comfort zones. It is expected of us to act out of character now and again, with this in mind. However, when characters from the movies do just that, we are a little less forgiving. Fictional characters should be clearly, characteristically defined and often, abruptly changing how they behave without the levels of graceful character development that would assuredly bring about this change can be seen as lazy or poor writing. Worse, if it's a particularly beloved character, fans can see a change of personality as a huge disservice. Why do screenwriters do this? There are any number of reasons. Perhaps they weren't happy with how the character behaved in their first outing, perhaps the environment of their second outing warrants a different sort of personality, perhaps the actor playing the role has changed and interprets dialogue differently from the previous (that has been known to happen). Either way, let's now take a look at 10 movie characters who acted out of character in sequels...

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