10 Famous Movie Scenes That Came From On-Set Issues

9. "I'm Walkin' Here!" - Midnight Cowboy

Now You See Me
United Artists

Today, New York City is one of the greatest centers of film-making in the world. But it never would have achieved this status if it weren't for movies like Midnight Cowboy, which is not only set and filmed in the city, but is very much about how one of America's biggest cities will chew up and spit out anyone not prepared to fight it.

In the film, Joe, played by Jon Voight, moves from Texas to New York and strikes up a bizarre friendship with Dustin Hoffman's Ratso, a sickly and jaded con artist. One scene saw them having a discussion as they walked uninterrupted down the street. However, they could not afford to lock down a street in Manhattan for a day to film, so they just shot it on a live, unpredictable street.

After multiple takes of the same scene being disrupted by traffic, they finally managed to time the walk right so they didn't have to wait for a light change. But at that moment, a rogue New York cab ran a red light and nearly hit Hoffman, who, in a fit of frustration at the take being ruined once again, slammed his hands on the car and shouted possibly the most New York phrase ever uttered on camera. The rest of the scene was improvised and Hoffman's exclamation has become one of the most quoted film lines in history.


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