10 Famous Movie Scenes (With Factual Errors You Never Noticed)

Jaws Sometimes we can be so distracted by the awesome power of a great movie moment that it's easy to overlook just about anything else apart from what the filmmakers are asking us to focus on, including the house on fire next door, and a bunch of factual errors that we probably would have noticed had the scene taken place in real life. As movie-goers, we're usually prepared to suspend our disbelief, you see - we're not actually primed to nit-pack at everything, which means that we mostly believe all of the things we're told when it comes to movies in general. Which is probably a bad idea, given that they're lying to us on a frequent basis. I mean, sure, we all know that movies take liberties with certain aspects of life, because otherwise they'd be boring as hell, and a heightened sense of reality is why we watch 'em in the first place, right? But that doesn't really excuse those occassions where filmmakers have simply overwritten history, geography or established logic to bring us moments that don't really make any sense at all. Wouldn't it have been easier to do a little fact checking before committing themselves? In these cases, apparently not. Here's 10 iconic movie scenes all embedded with mistakes that render them either impossible or illogical (many of which could've been fixed with a quick Google search, actually)...

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