10 Famous Movies That Screwed Up The Most Important Part

You had one job...

There are few things worse than paying 14 dollars for a movie only to find that it completely blew it on the one thing you bought your ticket to see. Whether it be Pacific Rim and its desire to alternate between taking itself seriously and not taking itself seriously, American Pie 2 and not getting to see Nadia's boobs again, or even something as simple seeing the most recent Godzilla and finding yourself shocked by the death of a certain character you excited to see far...far too early into the movie. Sadly, it's a fact of life that many movies miss their own boats. Why does this happen? Making movies is hard. Making popular movies with multi-million dollar budgets is harder. Oftentimes these movies are greenlit before the script is even completely done, and by the time anyone tries to bring up a question or a problem with it, the lights are already lit and it's time to shoot the flick. Thus, ten movies presented to you, the reader, that ultimately left you feeling hollow. Whether they screwed up the thing you were most excited for, became too convoluted for their own good, somehow managed to make Batman fighting Bane look less exciting than when you did the same thing with toys as a kid, these movies failed to deliver on the thing got audiences there in the first place- and certainly weren't going to give you your money back.

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