10 Famous Movies That Ended Far Too Soon

Jurassic Park II A common complaint that you'll hear from movie-goers the world over is: "Jesus, that movie should have ended far sooner than it did. Why did it go on for so long?" And it's true that filmmakers don't always seem to know when to call it quits. One of the reasons this usually happens is because they're afraid to leave out scenes that they've spent all that time and effort working on (which is why, I presume, Judd Apatow comedy movies are always too long - he's afraid to leave out any of his jokes, even though his movie is already, like, 140 minutes). What you don't hear quite so often, though? Complaints about movies ending far too soon, at a point when it seems like there should have been a bit more story, an added explanation of some sort, or just more bang for your buck in general, 'cause hey, you paid to see this thing, right? Only very rarely do movies stop at a point where it feels abrupt, incomplete, or - worse of all - rushed. With that in mind, here are 10 famous movies that felt like they ended far too quickly, all of which had us collectively frowning in the aisles wondering, "Hey, is that it?" Please Note: There are spoilers for the all the movies mentioned in this article (I've tried to keep them to a minimum, because I respect you like that).

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