10 Famous Movies That Ruined The Reputations Of Classic Films

10. Austin Powers Makes Connery's Bond Laughable

Dr Evil Blofeld

If you think Bond rebooted with Casino Royale just because Die Another Day was a flat-out dumb entry in the series you're grossly underestimating the impact of the Austin Powers trilogy.

Created by a then still relevant Mike Myers, the films are a send up of the recurring tropes in the Connery-era Bond films. And even though many of the well remembered jokes (Mini Me) have no bearing on 007, they still feel like a proper take-down of the series. Visual look aside, Dr Evil really has little in common with Blofeld. And yet he succeeded in turning the quintessential Bond villain into something silly rather than frustrating.

What's so frustrating about this is that the early Bonds (all the way up to Dalton, with a few exceptions) weren't meant to be taken wholly seriously. Flying machine Little Nellie, Bond sneaking into a restricted area wearing a plastic duck on his head and, heck, naming a character Pussy Galore are all meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek. But, as with Adam West's Batman (also never taking itself seriously), it's viewed as an example of how silly film used to be in the sixties; we laugh at it, not with it.


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