10 Famous Movies That Were Derailed By A Single Character

prometheus_hd_stills_milburn_and_hammerpede There are a lot of ways that you can screw up a movie, because movies are just begging to be screwed up all the time. The road towards cinematic perfection is long and tough and near-on impossible, and there are many a poisonous element that you might leave lingering within the frames of a motion picture in order to derail it. And usually you won't notice that it's there until you've finished shooting and the movie is shipped into theatres. It could be a bad performance, some unconvincing dialogue, or it might just come down to the inclusion of a single character... Yes, sometimes all it takes is a singular character to stop you from enjoying whatever it is you've decided to spend a couple of hours of your life watching. Characters so out of place, or annoying, or totally at odds with the rest of the movie, that you can't believe that the filmmakers decided to include them - surely they noticed that they didn't fit in properly? Didn't they realise that they were risking the entire movie when they opted to include them? Apparently not, because tons of these ill-judged creations make it into motion pictures on a frequent basis... Take these famous movies, for instance, all of which ultimately failed to win us over because they were derailed by the presence of a single character who would have been better left back on the drawing board (or in the incinerator, perhaps)...

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