10 Famous Movies You Didn't Realise Were Already Other Movies

Drive The saying goes that there are only a handful of basic story types, and that it's up to writers to try and imbue these story types with a new edge or unique spin in order to convince us that we're watching something that we haven't seen before. Or at least, that's how the saying would have gone, had I not just made it up right then to get you around to my way of thinking. The point still stands, though: true originality is super-hard to come by these days. Hollywood, that magical place where all those movies you like are made, is often regarded as a place where true originality goes to die. That's because risk-taking isn't considered to be a particularly good thing in Tinseltown, as much as it is a good way to get your ass swiftly fired. So whereas we're all familiar with the fact that Hollywood prefers to make the same movies over and over again, albeit with some minor changes, sometimes you'll bump uglies with a motion picture that you swear you've seen somewhere before, only to realise that some hotshot writer just copy and pasted the script from one movie onto another and passed it off as being original...

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