10 Fanboy Movies That Will Make 2015 Cinema's Geekiest Year


2015 really is shaping up to be quite the awesome year, in fact, quite possibly the greatest year in the history of cinema as far as blockbuster tentpole fare is concerned. Even if half of the year's potentially awesome movies - many of which sadly didn't make the cut on this list - end up flopping, that's still going to leave a litany of cracking flicks to make 2015 an unforgettable year of films. Assuming that all of these projects make their release dates, there's going to be much to be excited about in not just the summer of 2015, but the year as a whole. Whether it's finally getting to see two classic superheroes face off against one another, the return of the stalwart, world-renowned British spy we all know and love, or a franchise being brought back from the cusp of death, 2015 is going to set the worldwide box office alight, and it's going to be perhaps the most exciting time to be a film fan ever. Here are 10 fanboy dream movies that will make 2015 the geekiest cinematic year yet...

10. Return To Isla Nublar In Jurassic Park IV

jurassic_park_4_36789 Jurassic Park III was released 12 years ago, and so we've been quite a while waiting for the fourth entry in the series to get moving. Though pre-production has been fraught with trouble, director Colin Trevorrow is firmly signed on as director, and despite a recent production delay pushing the film back from its 2014 release date, it seems that summer 2015 is locked in, allowing Trevorrow and his team to take their time crafting an adventure that will hopefully be the first sequel to actually live up to the original's inestimable legacy. Bryce Dallas Howard and David Oyelowo are reportedly being circled to star, and given that the film will be heading back to Isla Nublar, there's much to be excited about in what should be a nostalgic trip but also one that stands strongly on its own two feet. Given how many ideas producer Steven Spielberg has rejected along the way - such as human-dino hybrids who can shoot guns - hopefully this is a good sign that they're being creatively judicious with what they allow to fly...

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