10 Fascinating Films About Schizophrenia

9. Lilith (1964)

lilth Vincent, a young ex-soldier who doesn't have much direction in his life decides to train as an occupational therapist in a private mental hospital. There he falls under the spell of a patient called Lilith who is beautiful and seductive and lives in a fantasy world. Lilith and Vincent fall in love, however, Stephen, another patient is in love with Lilith but a jealous and possessive Vincent practically engineers Stephen's suicide. Following the death, Lilith loses all contact with reality and Vincent presents himself to the hospital not as a worker, but as a patient. Warren Beatty is quite stiff in this film (but I have never rated him as much of an actor). However Jean Seberg is fantastic as Lilith, a deeply troubled yet beguiling girl who spins a web around all the people close to her. However it is a very romanticised and genteel portrait of schizophrenia. Real life sufferers might be quite insulted by the portrayal of schizophrenia as Lilith doesn't seem to be afflicted with hallucinations and voices (well if she does, she hides it very well) which are the trademark of schizophrenia. But she does show one truism of schizophrenia - you can exist in two parallel worlds at the same time - one of reality and one of madness.
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