10 Female Film Characters With The Morals Of An Alley Cat

Angelina Jolie Girl Interuppted Female Baddies are often more interesting than male baddies, mainly because we have grown up with the misconception of the fair or gentle sex that does not do the heinous acts that men sometimes do. I guess a good example of this is Aileen Wuornos - a cold blooded female serial killer. The case caught the imagination of the whole world who started to ponder whether women could scale the heights of evil perpetrated by some men. I don't mean to be bashing the male gender here, but it is a good question: what sex has the biggest predisposition to immoral behaviour? In my article I have picked ten immoral women and I have detailed their behaviour for your reading. Please add your own immoral 'heroines' below.

10. Niagara (1953) - Rose

Niagara Monroe The film that catapulted Marilyn Monroe into the big time, Niagara is a film noir/thriller in which Monroe plays the seductive but immoral Rose Loomis. She is a scheming cow who is planning with her lover Patrick to kill her husband George. This goes wrong and George kills Patrick instead. Expecting to see George on the morgue table, she sees Patrick and faints. After a spell in hospital, Rose comes out only to be strangled by an enraged George. Rose is the archetypal evil femme fatale in the film. The camera showcases Rose's perfect body to a T. Marilyn was more associated with comedic roles but in Niagara, she gets to play the dark and treacherous Rose - a role she acquits herself very well in. Monroe brings an immoral sensuality to the role of Rose and she lights up the screen every time she is on it. The breath taking Niagara Falls scenery as the backdrop to the movie is visually stunning. Along with her previous film, Don't Bother to Knock, Monroe showed she could play the immoral vixen when it was needed. Too bad her career didn't leave her down more paths like that.

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