10 Female-Led Superhero Movies We Want To See

It's time, Hollywood.

Logan Laura X 23 Dafne Keen

With Wonder Woman scoring rave reviews and annihilating the worldwide box office earlier this year, one can hope that its success will open the floodgates for movie studios to start greenlighting more female-led superhero movies over the next few years.

After all, until Wonder Woman, the prospect was largely dismissed by studios due to the abject failure of movies like Catwoman and Elektra, conveniently ignoring the fact that those films were both horrendously executed and totally deserved to flop.

Audiences just want to see quality superhero movies starring women, surprisingly enough, and there aren't 10 female superheroes more deserving of their own solo movies than this lot.

Whether already-established superheroes from existing comic book movie franchises or more niche heroes who nevertheless have a ton of cinematic potential, these 10 female-led superhero movies have the potential to wow critics and audiences alike, if Hollywood just gives them a much-deserved chance...

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