10 Female Stars Who Went Bald For Movie Roles

A run-down of the most famous actresses to brave a number one buzzcut for their art.

Hugh Jackman recently posted pictures of himself and his new bald head online. The actor€™s new streamlined look is so he can play the part of Blackbeard in the upcoming Pan film, and while a male Hollywood superstar shearing it all off for a role is certainly noteworthy news, for a female lead to take the same step is an altogether more striking affair. Actresses in the past, such as Cameron Diaz in My Sister€™s Keeper, have usually preferred to don a skull cap instead of taking it all off for the cameras. So the decision by some of Hollywood€™s leading ladies to lose their locks really shows a dedication to the role. With some of the most glamorous girls in Hollywood losing it up top, it makes you think that the short-back-and-sides look might not just be for the guys. The following list looks at some of those lovely ladies who bared it all, and dared to go bald.

10. Robin Tunney - Empire Records

She€™s now famous for her role as Teresa Lisbon in the cop drama The Mentalist, but Robin Tunney wasn€™t always the long haired leader of CBI-come-FBI agent. For her big screen breakthrough role Tunney sheared it all off in 1995€™s Empire Records. The film was about the lives of a group of employees at an independent record store and their troubles of a particular day. The petite actress played the hostile, misfit cashier Debs (or Debra). In order to play the self-harming punk with a heart the young Tunney lobbed off her locks to the land the role. Also starring Liv Tyler and Renee Zellweger, Empire Records wasn€™t exactly a critical success. Tunney€™s bald portrayal obviously caught the eye however, as she went on to get the lead role in supernatural thriller The Craft the following year. Much like this list, it was a bald beginning for Tunney. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS7YecVqSLE

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