10 Most Ferocious Beatdowns In Movie History

Sometimes movies are so violent it's hard to keep our eyes on the screen.

No one likes being punched in the face. For one thing it tends to hurt, resulting in missing teeth, a broken nose and black eyes. It's something that everyone except the most twisted masochist avoids at all costs. When it comes to the movies, however, a lot of us can't get enough of a good fight - from kung fu movies to Hollywood action films, watching people kicking the crap out of one another can be hugely entertaining. After all, we know it isn't real, and it's as if on-screen violence allows us to explore our primitive side vicariously, safe in the knowledge that no one is actually getting hurt (or at least not as much as they appear to be on screen). Sometimes though movies take the violence one step further, giving one side the upper hand and transforming a fair fight in a brutal one-sided beatdown in which the opponent doesn't stand a chance. The entertainment factor diminishes and we find ourselves wincing with empathy, flinching away from the screen as each blow lands and the blood begins to flow profusely. Here are ten of the most ferocious beatdowns in movie history, scenes so graphic and disturbing we struggle to watch them from start to finish without looking away. Readers take note - these are not for the faint hearted.

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