10 Fictional Movie Creatures We All Wish Were Real

Life would be a lot more interesting, at least.

LucasfilmLucasfilmFor the longest time, cinema has been home to many cool creatures. Most of them, like Godzilla, Dracula, Frankenstein and the Jawas, are incredibly cool but perfectly fine where they are in the realms of fiction. Whilst having them exist for real would seem like a cool idea, you wouldn't want to be cornered in an alley by the Wolfman on your way home from the pub. There are, however, the exceptions to that rule. Those movie creatures that have drifted from both ancient myth and cinema's greatest minds and have had us all thinking a collective 'what if?' What if these creature leapt out of our screens (figuratively, steady on) and fully integrated with our society? Think of all the change they could make if they were part of our everyday lives! Sure, there'd be some negative aspects, but the positives would more than outweigh them. From individual characters to entire species, this list covers the ten creatures that would make the dull drone of a 9-5 existence worth living, the weekends would be spicier and the work place easier to cope with. Just don't think about the financial costs of owning some of these guys instead of a Yorkshire terrier.

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