10 Fiendishly Clever Secrets Hidden In Famous Movie Posters

4. The Dark Tower (2017)

Columbia Pictures

The recently-released adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower hasn't exactly landed with the splash that the source material deserves, and it remains to be seen if we'll be given any more films set in this universe.

The studio must have known they had a dud on their hands, since they didn't begin the film's marketing push until March of this year - just a few months out from release.

It was during this month that the above poster dropped, and, oddly, for a film called The Dark Tower, the poster featured no such tower in sight.

Or so it would appear.

The Dark Tower
Columbia Pictures

If the poster is viewed in negative, the titular dark tower is revealed in all its menacing glory.

This is a cool, simple little trick, and will probably have hundreds of fans viewing movie posters in negative for many, many years to come, desperately searching for secrets.

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