10 Fierce Feuds Between Film Stars And Critics

10. Samuel L. Jackson vs A.O. Scott

https://twitter.com/SamuelLJackson/status/198098839478091776 Given the critical acclaim that The Avengers earned upon its release in 2012, it seemed unusual that star Samuel L Jackson would be bothered by one of the few negative assessments of the film where he played Nick Fury. But A.O. Scott's review in the New York Times simply rubbed him the wrong way, and the star promptly took to twitter to voice his displeasure shortly after reading the critic's piece. Jackson argued that Scott needed a new job, given that the critic was one of very few who had given the film a negative review. The two traded words for a time on twitter, with other critics and twitter users weighing in with their own two cents. One user criticized Jackson for his "irrational" dig at Scott, but Jackson retorted that he was simply providing an opinion, and that the New York Times weren't going to fire Scott's "jaundiced ass" just because of a tweet that he had made. Unsurprisingly, Scott found little support for his corner during his mini spat with the Hollywood star. Jackson's enormous popularity, coupled with the fact that The Avengers was largely recognized as a wholly competent superhero movie, put Scott in a significantly isolated position, and whilst the feud has now cooled, it's probably in Scott's best interests not to try and battle with SLJ again.

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