10 Film Heroes Who Really Didn't Need To Die

You should never underestimate the power of death in selling a story. But then it can also be horribly pointless...

We'll always have a soft spot for those heroes of cinema who sacrificed themselves; the ones who died for the greater good and left a huge legacy for the rest of the film. Often, it wouldn't be quite so epic if someone didn't die for the cause, would it? There are those however that meet the silliest of ends, whether they're sacrificing themselves or not. These are the moments in the film where something clicks in the director's mind, it becomes obvious that someone needs to die, but there isn't nearly enough danger in the scene. Suddenly, there's a short speech, maybe a some catchy final words if we're pushed for time, before this character makes the bold decision to leave us; rather than proclaiming shock about how our favourite character can die at this crucial stage though, we're just left wondering why they've been given such a lame end. Let's have a look through ten of the most needless deaths in cinema history. Can you think of any more? Comment below!

Honourable Mention: The Henchman Who Doesn't Move - Austin Powers

Getting run over by a steam-roller has got to be one of the worst ways to go. Luckily though, most of them travel really slowly, so there's plenty of time to move out of the way. This didn't occur to Steve, a security guard in the first Austin Powers movie. Shortly after Powers (Mike Myers) and Vanessa (Liz Hurley) commandeer a steam roller, Powers tells a couple of security guards to watch out for the vehicle coming through. One of them dives out the way dramatically, whilst the other one stands on the spot, shouting "STOP!" at the top of his lungs. Not only was the steam-roller travelling at a snail's pace, one of the security guards has already shown just how easy it is to avoid a gruesome flattening. It really is one of the most avoidable deaths from any comedy film, but it was still brave of Steve to stand up to Austin Powers, if a little stupid.

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