10 Film Inventions We Wish Were Real

We are willing to pay handsomely if anyone out there can create these...

How many times have you watched a film or TV show, seen a character using a beautiful, ingenious item and thought 'I wish I had one of those?' For example, you're driving along a congested road at 50 mph and suddenly wish that your car could fly, or better yet that it could travel at the speed of light because you saw them do it in Star Wars? Films have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, remember when Captain Kirk used a universal translator? Pure Science Fiction they said, yet now you have something similar on your smart phones. It's amazing to think that the technology we see in films, the stuff we consider unfathomable, could actually become a reality like that, although for some it's more difficult to see, but that doesn't stop us believing. I'm not a scientist or an engineer, but I watch a lot of films and I know when I see something that could be useful and greatly improve my way of life, whether it's something as simple as a handheld laser or a massive, like teleportation, and when I see it, the same thoughts always cross my mind - 'I wish that was real.' Here's 10 such occasions...

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