10 Film Secrets That Were Hiding In Plain Sight

Keep your eyes peeled.

Though there are plenty of great movies that can be taken purely on face value, don't we all love it when a beloved film reveals itself to have more layers than just about anyone expected?

And one of the best things about online film discourse is the ability for film buffs to pool their supernatural powers of observation together to uncover awesome movie secrets that have been hiding in plain sight, just begging to be revealed.

There are few things more satisfying than realising that a terrific movie has even more going for it than you expected, and that's certainly the case with these 10 films.

Each of these elements has absolutely passed before your very eyes, yet your brain simply hasn't done the maths and taken stock of exactly what the filmmaker has presented.

Thanks to dedicated film communities like /r/MovieDetails, though, these secrets are now out in the open, and add even more depth to films already overflowing with them.

You'll never see each of these movies quite the same again, but thankfully, it is entirely for the better...

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