10 Film Sequels That Were Better Than The Originals

2. The Devil's Rejects

Rob Zombie's second directorial effort after House of 1000 Corpses, of which The Devil's Rejects follows. House was downright weird and influenced by the likes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It followed four unfortunate friends who were driving cross country, writing about various roadside attractions. They encounter Captain Spaulding's Murder Ride and learn about local legend, Doctor Satan. Being curious, the good doctor Captain Spaulding draws them a map to where he met his end. As with most rural country towns in horror movies, they encounter a madcap family akin to the Sawyer family. It turns out they love to torture, murder and commit other unspeakable acts upon people. In Devil's Rejects however, the family is caught out and are surrounded by the police. Otis and Baby escape to meet up with Spaulding, who was in on the whole thing from the beginning, while Mother is arrested. The movie is more gruesome than the original and it really makes you root for the bad guys this time around, due to the cop chasing them down being driven by revenge, as they killed his brother in the original. Together with a great soundtrack, downright nasty deaths, great one liners and one of the best endings I have ever witnessed, this is one must-see movie.
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