10 Filmmakers Who Blamed Actors For Failed Movies

When actors derail movies (apparently).

Alien Resurrection Sigourney Weaver

The creative process of getting a movie made is complex and multi-faceted, such that a film's success or failure can never realistically be the result of any one person. Though understandably, the praise or the blame typically rests with the captain of the ship - the director and in some cases the screenwriter.

And while most filmmakers tend to either get defensive about their failed projects or admirably fall on their own sword, occasionally they'll actually attempt to throw one of their collaborators under the bus, such as one of their cast members.

That was certainly the case with each of these 10 movies, where writers and directors pointed the finger of blame at disappointing collaborators who either turned in an underwhelming performance, failed to promote the movie, or even quit the project at the last-minute.

One of the key attributes of a successful director, however, is being able to juggle dozens of conflicting egos and working methods, and so in many cases, you can argue it still falls on the guy running the camera to get his cast and crew in line.

Either way, these filmmakers were none-too-happy to have the lion's share of the blame aimed in their direction, and so sought to deflect...


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