Top 10 Films About The Holocaust


This gripping tale of a daring attempt to escape one of the Nazis€™ death camps is certainly not the most well made film on this list, but it is a gripping, suspense-laden tale that will have you on the edge of your seat! Again made for television, Escape from Sobibor lacks much of the production value of other films here. However, again based on a true story, it does pack a punch that is both inspiring and affecting. The bittersweet ending is both uplifting whilst simultaneously being emotionally crippling. The displays of determination within the narrative and the actors€™ performances help highlight the Jewish resistance against the Nazis, revealing that some Jews refused to accept that imprisonment and death was their fate. Whether or not viewers consider it as affecting or as touching as other more prominent films about the Holocaust, it would be unfair to deny that Escape from Sobibor leaves a lasting impression upon audiences.

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