10 Films That Should Have Ended Ten Minutes Earlier

These movies would have been much better if they'd known when to stop.

toy story 3 ending

We're all used to movies that feel too long. The summer blockbuster season is dominated by them; ninety minute B-Movies inflated to extents that would make Gone With The Wind look snappy.

Knowing when to end is very important for a film. The final moments will shape how people regard a movie - a cracking last couple of minutes can make up for no small number of earlier faults - yet so many movies appear to put their ending below catering on their list of priorities. It can go both ways.

Some films you kinda wish had a bit more explanation. They may be utterly abysmal experiences that drag out to obscene lengths, but every one of Michael Bay's Transformers movies ends so abruptly it comes as a genuine shock. It's not a case of being left wanting, but a general lack of narrative cohesion. And on the other hand there's movies that just didn't know when to stop.

Today we're going to look at movies that went on just that little bit too long, pushing their run-time and damaging their quality with a lengthy finale we really didn't need. They're not necessarily bad endings per se, they just added something that really wasn't necessary.

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