10 Films Of 2012 That Must Get Sequels

21 jump se 2012 has been a big year for the movies industry. More than once in the past 12 months I'm sure that you've all walked out of the cinema after watching a particularly great film and just wished that you could see more of the characters and their lives after the film straight away. Then again, there have probably also been films that left you disappointed or with important questions that you felt were unanswered. All of these reasons for a necessary sequel are represented in this list and don't be fooled by that picture from The Dark Knight Rises, it's purely because I believe the sequels of The Dark Knight trilogy to be some of the best ever made, not because it has made it onto this list. Be warned though, each title includes various spoilers...

10. Prometheus

Ah, Prometheus. Maybe it was simply because I had built my hopes up from the very first time I heard about this film, but I have never left a cinema more disappointed than I did after the film. I have always been a huge fan of the Alien franchise and as such I was elated when I heard there was going to be a film returning to this universe to explore the origins of the Space Jockey, but instead of answers, all I left the cinema with were even more questions and various plot holes that needed explaining. Just one example being why exactly Charlize Theron's character, Meredith Vickers, decided why it would be a good idea to run away from the crashing Engineer ship in a straight line, when she could quite easily have just turned 90 degrees and ran forward to avoid it, or at least in a diagonal line. The addition of the plot twist that Vickers was the daughter of Peter Weyland was also massively unnecessary and added little to the characters or the film, although you could argue that it was simply a cheap means of illustrating the story of Prometheus from Greek mythology, in which Prometheus stole fire from the gods for the use of humanity. Now it wasn't all bad, visually it was stunning and the 3D definitely helped me to immerse myself in the fiction, but the unbelievable and (for the most part) unlikeable characters dragged me right back into the real world again, The worst of these were Fifield, the crew's Geologist, and Milburn, the biologist. They are both so terrified when discovering the decapitated corpse of an Engineer that they break away from the group, somehow get themselves lost, then act perfectly fine when faced with a living Hammerpede, something which eventually leads to their deaths. However, instead of killing the series, these issues actually fuel the need for a sequel. Because the plot was so complex it was not fully explained which led to the emergence of many plot holes in the story, a sequel could address each of these whilst also fully fleshing out exactly what happened to the Engineers once they had created life and why they wanted to destroy it again afterwards. Another great reason a sequel would work is the ever-brilliant Michael Fassbender, who played the Android, David. Fassbender's performance was the highlight of the film for me and at the end he escapes on a ship headed for the Engineer's home world with Shaw. David performs many important acts during the film and his intentions are left unclear, adding a sense of mystery to his character, which I would definitely like to see more of.
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