10 Films That Are Better The Less You Know Going In

Movie secrets you wish you could have avoided.

Mother! movie
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In the modern age of the internet, with endless news, reviews and leaks, it’s very difficult to see a movie without having some foreknowledge of what to expect, if not what’s going to happen in its entirety.

Many films bank on this, filling their runtime with easter eggs, winks to the camera and the continuing of genre tropes, but some rely on a certain degree of ignorance for their entertainment factor. Red herrings, misleading marketing and sometimes outright lies are par for the course when trying to police the potential for spoilers. Looking at you, Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It’s also in a wider context that expectation and speculation can be damaging to a film, as adaptations and true life stories will often have to take a certain amount of artistic license in production. Perceived difference from source material or reality can be criticised at best, or controversial at worst.

Whether deliberate or not, by virtue of content or context, every now and then a cinematic experience is enriched by ignorance, and the films on this spoiler littered list are just some of these enigmas.


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