10 Films That Could Easily Be Converted into Horrors

Halloween is almost upon us! To celebrate, here's some cute and funny films that suddenly don't become quite as cute and funny when you add a splash of blood and a dash of guts. Whether it's the one hundred and one Dalmatians going rabid or Bridget Jones becoming a bloodsucker, see which films made the top ten.

10. Dumb and Dumber

If you think about it, the premise for this movie was pretty creepy already. A woman drops off her briefcase at the airport, and instead of the briefcase going to its intended recipient, it€™s stolen by her chauffeur. The chauffeur, along with his best friend, decides to obsessively follow her to Aspen, Colorado, the pair of them injuring or killing anyone who gets in their way. In this version, Harry and Lloyd aren€™t two accident-prone putzes. They€™re just pretending to be accident-prone putzes because in reality, they€™re cold-blooded stalkers/murderers. Lloyd€™s compliment to the Pennsylvania cop €“ €˜KILLER BOOTS, MAN!€™ €“ isn€™t a coincidence when the cop actually dies from uremic poisoning thanks to that cup of pee. The big sweaty guy still chokes to death on the chilli burger, but he€™s not actually a hit man - he€™s just a regular schlub that€™s concerned over Harry and Lloyds€™ gas bill. And poor, lonely Seabass is just after the kind of love that can be found late at night in a gas station toilet stall. When they finally catch up to the oblivious Mary, shenanigans ensue as they try to kill Mary, as well as each other. (Good thing Harry€™s tongue got stuck to the pole before he could make Mary have a €˜skiing accident€™, and I shudder to think of how many other people Lloyd has killed with laxatives). After deciding to turn their mercenary skills on Nicholas Andre (and Mary€™s husband €“ sorry Mary, but that wasn€™t just a daydream of Lloyd€™s), the two of them hitch a ride on a bus full of bikini hotties. As the bus drives off into the distance, Lloyd and Harry look out the back window, winking conspiratorially to the audience as violins shriek on the soundtrack.
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