10 Films That Don't Live Up To Great Premises

Great idea, terrible execution.

Warner Bros.

They tell you to have an elevator pitch at the ready in Hollywood. This is in case, during one of your temp jobs or in between making coffee for a celebrity or non-convict producer, you can spout out a catchy, one-sentence line that'll grab the attention of your desired audience.

You get a lot of "versus" or "meets" in these scenarios. "It's Reservoir Dogs Meets Godzilla, with a touch of Ordinary People for good measure." Naturally, you, the pitchman, are trying to hit as many buzzwords that are trending at the time within a minute, hoping it'll get an, "I'm listening..." from the Hollywood dealmaker you're talking up.

But your actual script rarely lives up to even your expectations, going through extensive rewrites and plot changes once you've sold your soul. The machinery kicks in and, while your initial idea is in place, the terrain feels entirely unfamiliar.

So they bastardized it, just as they probably did all of these. Or they were bad ideas to begin with, made worse by ambition gone awry.

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