10 Films That Make You The Bad Guy

9. The Truman Show

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While The Cabin In The Woods at least pretended that the Ancient Ones were the villains, The Truman Show makes no such effort to hide its message: you, the audience, are the bad guys, and you should feel bad for watching this.

The movie follows Truman, the main character in the world's longest-running and most successful reality TV show. There's only one problem: Truman has no idea that he is the main character is the world's longest-running and most successful reality TV show. His entire life is a lie, everyone he knows is an actor, and the island town he lives on is nothing more than an elaborate set. Everything he does, and everything he has ever done, is recorded on hidden cameras and broadcast around the world, for all to see.

Why is this allowed to happen? Simple: because we're watching it. If we simply changed channels, turned our televisions off, and stopped supporting this sick experiment, the Truman Show would have to end. Truman would finally be free.

But no: we keep on watching, simply because that Jim Carrey is just too darn watchable. Damn you and your effortless charisma, Jim!

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